Leading the way in fire protection services, we are experienced and have the latest in technology to protect life and property in the building and construction industry.


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With fire safey at our forefront, we provide regular service and maintenance systems to ensure your fire system performs when it's needed.


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Inspection & Testing

Regular inspections and testing of fire equipment is crucial to protecting life and property. Dont wait until it is to late to discover a problem, be proactive and prevent it.


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Abbotsbury Fire Protection Services

Ultrasafe Fire Protection service the Abbotsbury area and have over 25 years of dedicated experience in protecting life and property from the devastation of fire.


Our team is amongst the most experienced in the fire protection industry, combining knowledge with the latest technology to provide the Abbotsbury area with the most effective shield against fire risks.


Some of our fire protection services Abbotsbury include fire prevention consulting, sprinkler systems, hydrants and hose reels, residential systems, drencher systems, fire system maintenance and testing, fire extinguishers, complete Abbotsbury home fire protection packages and smoke detection systems and installations.


Fire system maintenance Abbotsbury


From checking sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers, fire hydrants, smoke alarms and completing upgrades. The team at Ultrasafe Fire will provide you with a complete fire system maintenance plan to ensure you can protect both life and property when you need it.